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 International Flight  Domestic Flight
    Sapporo 1h10m 
 Bangkok     6h  
     Narita  1h10m
 Seoul      2h20m 
    Nagoya 1h15m
Shanghai    2h50m 
    Komatsu 1h10m
    Osaka   1h25m
    Osaka  1h40m
 Dalian     3h30m 
    Koube   1h30m 
 Beijing     6h10m 
    Izumo  1h55m 
 Taipei    3h10m 
    Hiroshima 1h45m
    Fukuoka 2h15m 
    Naha   3h15m 
Capital city and gateway of Miyagi prefecture is Sendai . All tourist get to Miyagi from JR(Japan Railway Company) Sendai Station or Sendai Internationai Airport.
You need only 1 and half hours from Tokyo to JR Sendai Station by Shinkansen(Super Express Train)
Sendai International Airport have 5 International flights (as of Jan 2018)
Seoul (2h20m) , Beijing (6h10m), Shanghai(2h50m), Taipei(3h10m), Guam(4h10m).
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Event Calender in Miyagi

* E:Eealy M:Middle L:Late
 Year Month Event
      2020   Apr    L  
 M  Mid of Apr to Mid of May  Strawberry-Picking
 E  4/5~4/15 Cherry Blossoms
We will have Cheree Blossome viewing  4/14 at Funaoka Castle Ruins Park
Mar    L  
 M   3/14 Whiteday
 E  3/3 Hinamatsuri
Feb    L  
 M  2/11 National Foundation Day
Jan    L  
 M  1/11Kagami Biraki
1/14 Dontosai   
 E  1/1~1/5 Hatsuri
       First special sale in New Years Day
      2019        Dec L
E   Sendai Pageant of Starlight(Early Dec to 31th Dec)
 Nov L  
   2020 Olympics  in Tokyo

                                 Flower Calender in Miyagi
                              (* E:Early  M:Middle L:Late) 
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  E M L E M L E M L E M L E M L E M L E M L E M L E M L E M L E M L E M L
Sunflower                                         Good Season                             
Cherry Blossoms                   Good Season
Chrysanthemum                                                           Good Season
skunk cabbage                   Good Season                                                   
Red leaves                                                           Good Season           
Colza Good Season
Equinox Flower
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
(Coming Soon) 
            Yakurai  Garden Cosmos

Sankyozawa hydropower station
The first hydropower station in Japan
Out put 1000Kw hydropower station and Output 30000kvA Substation

earthquake disaster relic
The Great East Japan Earthquake
  Date and Time: March 11、2011、2:46pm
  Location of the epicenter: off the Sanriku coast (38.1 North latitude / 142.5 East longtitude)
  Scale :magunitude 9.0 Maximum intensity 7 (On the Japanese scale)
  Largest aftershock : April 7 11:32pm magunitude 7.2
  Highest of the TUNAMI  7m in Iwanuma city in Miyagi pref
                  14.8m in Onagawa town in Miyagi pref
                  21.1m Tomioka town in Fuukushima pref
                  16.7m Ohfunato city in Iwate pref

(Coming Soon)
            Narugo Onsen Hot spring
under construction now!