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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the qualification to be a member of MGGC?

A: No qualification or overseas experience is required to be a member. 
    Simply fill in the application  form. 
    Assess yourself regarding your language skill or experience. 
    If you have any question, send it to us via the contact form below.

Q: Can I experience any acitivity before being a member?

A: Feel free to participate in English or French study meeting that are periodic.
    Also at some events, your are allowed to participate in as an observer.
    So, have a look at the top page of this site and contact us.

Q: What are the periodic activities and when?

A: Presently, study meetings of English and French are held monthly in Sendai.

Q: What's the procedure to be an member?

A: Upon receiving your request to be a member, we will send the application form to you. 

You just need to fill out the form and attach one piece of your photo on it, then send the form back to us. So far, online-based application is not available. The membership fee is three thousand yen (3,000 yen) per year.

Q: Is it possible to ask for an interpretation service of a language other than English?

A: Currently we can cope with thirteen (13) languages. But the service might not be available depending on the time, place or other conditions.

Q: When I ask for such service as tour guide or interpretation, is it all free of charge?

A: There are various cases; but in most cases,  transportation cost of the guides/interpreters and cost for meals for the them during the activities is owned by who asked for the service. Also, in cases of interpretation on formal occasions, the interpreters are basically paid.

Q: What are the common sorts of requests asked for?

A:  Needs of interpretation service arise with big events, as well as guiding services where the guides accompany foreign visitors are commonly seen. However in principle, requests for interpretation service on official events such as interpretation for official conferences are the ones we seem to have to decline.

Q: I want to ask for interpretation/translation service. How can I contact MGGC?

A: Please use the contact form below. If you have any other request, use e-mail.

** Please use the contact form below to ask about the membership or a request of interpretation/translation/tour guide service.

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