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Outline of MGGC

    MGGC(Miyagi Goodwill Guide Club) is a volunteer group started in 1985 aiming at helping visitors from abroad enjoy traveling and staying in Miyagi without getting troubled by language problems. We have approximately 30 members who are registered to this club as volunteers each of who can handle language(s) such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, or others.

    Official Name:        Miyagi Goodwill Guide Club

    Established:           July, 1985

    Area of Activity:     Miyagi Prefecture

    Representative:     Jin Ito (Chairman)

    Organization:         Chairman
                                   Vice Chairman
                                   Members of the Board
                                   Ordinary Members

    Main Activities:    
  1. Interpretation, translation, and tour guide
  2. Friendship family program (organized by Miyagi International Association)
  3. Skill-up seminar, socializing  for  friendship among members.
  4. PR activities for recruitment and invitations

    Rules                   Enacted July, 1985. 
                                Partially amended April, 2007
                                Partially amended April, 2010
    There are regular events such as volunteer guide at Sendai Tanabata Festival, dispatching instructors to a training center of the Correction Bureau, visit to a Japanese Sake brewery, friendship party with the Friendship Families and students from abroad whereby communication with foreigners is promoted.    
    We have an increasing number of inquiries from those who are interested in communication with foreigners or who have just returned to Japan after studying abroad, or who are studying English and looking for chances to use the skill. 

The activities are done by the members purely on voluntary basis, so you just find an opportunity  that well suit your conditions like language level, time zone available, etc.